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  About Me

I was born in Egypt, but lived a big part of my childhood in the beautiful city of Atlanta in the United States of America. Growing up I was blissed with the opportunity to see (and sometimes live) among very different cultures. I spent some good years of my adolescence among the good people of the Arabian Gulf (Saudi Arabia to be exact), and I visiting new European countries every now and then is always a delight.

When I am not bossing a bunch of older men at work, I am either reading, writing, or building something that I believe with all my heart is interesting on the internet.


  Work Experience

Fuel Terminal Supervisor

  • Employer: ExxonMobil, Egypt
  • Date: December 1st, 2013 - current
  • Reports to: Terminal Manager
Operations under my supervision:

All product receipts (via pipelines), quality control, tank gauging, product loading and shipment (via tanker trucks), and terminal maintenance activities.

  • Team leadership
  • HSE Management
  • Corporate reporting
  • Quality assurance
  • Incident investigation
  • Risk assessment
  • Change management
Achievements include:
  • Became an ExxonMobil certified work permit issuing authority.
  • Successfully balanced out client business needs with terminal safety regulations to reduce both workplace incidents and near losses, AND reduce client queue times.
Software Exposures:

A tank farm (credit: Stornoway)



  Training Experience

DARA Petroleum Company

  • Office Trainee: Company HQ in Cairo Office (6 Badr Towers, Ring Road, Maadi, Cairo - Egypt)
  • Field Trainee: Ras Ghareb field, Red Sea Governorate - Egypt
  • Company Profile

Petrobel - Belayim Petroleum Company

  • Field Trainee: Abu Rudeis field, South Sinai Governorate - Egypt
  • Company Website

Egyptian General Petroleum Company

  • Field Trainee: GPC Ras Ghareb field, Red Sea Governorate - Egypt
  • Company Website


Web Development

(I built this entire website myself!)
Basic PHP:
Basic SQL:
Website Design:

  Contact Details

- (+20) 114 840 3706

- ahmed@saeedly.com

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