The 4 types of productivity

At this day and age everyone is busy. But how many people are actually productive? Some of the differences between 'being busy' and 'being productive' are mentioned here, but when it comes to productivity, there are actually a few different kinds based on personality. And when you're trying to up your productivity game, it's always a good idea to think about which type lies more in your comfort zone.

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1. Priority-oriented productivity

This method is more inclined towards logical, analytical, fact-based, critical, and realistic thinking. People who prioritize will opt to keep track of how much time it takes to complete certain tasks in order to accurately set plans for the upcoming days and weeks, this increases efficiency.

Characteristics of prioritizers:

  • They don't focus on how much energy is required to finish a task.
  • They avoid chit-chat, incomplete or missing data, as well as oversharing unnecessary (or personal) information.

2. Planning-oriented productivity

This type of productivity thrives on being organized, sequential, and detailed. Planners immerse themselves into all aspects and details of the project, this allows them to complete the project timely and efficiently.

Characteristics of planners:

  • They aren't spontaneous, this may sometime lead to missed opportunities because they are less inclined to deviate from plans or take risks.
  • The are excellent at following schedules and action plans no matter how tight the deadlines are.
  • They seek detail in all forms of communication.

3. Organization-oriented productivity

Organizers prefer supportive, expressive, and emotional approaches to solving problems. They are the ultimate team player, and are great at forming partnerships and facilitating projects.

Characteristics of organizers:

  • They don't rely solely on raw data, they prefer including personal touches to any group activity.
  • They are talkers, and love sharing stories.
  • They use body language, use eye-to-eye contact, and express concern for how others feel.

4. Vision-oriented productivity

 Visionaries are intuitive, creative, and synthesize approaches. They thrive under pressure and pursue diversity in all aspects of work.

Characteristics of visionaries:

  • They are easily bored, and seek multiple projects.
  • They focus on the big-picture and devise creative and innovative approaches to achieve goals.
  • Their spontaneous and implusive nature can lead to breakthrough ideas, but can also derail project plans at times.
  • Recognize new opportunities early on, and pursue them.

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