How Far Can Your Engineering Degree Take You?

Some recent Engineering graduates – or those on their way to becoming ones – may experience a nasty little uneasiness on what the future holds. Why did I study this and What am I going to do now are among the common questions many young engineers ask themselves at some point.

But even though worrying about your career is extremely encouraged, it must be made clear that an engineering degree can take you a very long way. Not only that, but it also grants you a great edge in various fields apart from engineering.

What skills have you gained?

Apart from a sound engineering background, chances are your degree has also equipped you with some other important traits like both the methodical and creative approach to problem solving, good numeracy and analytical skills, the ability to prioritize and plan tasks, effective time management and adhering to deadlines, as well as satisfactory communication and decision making skills.

It’s no wonder the spectrum is very wide when it comes to what professions engineers can excel at; ranging from giant  CEOs like Elon Musk, to world leaders the likes of Jimmy Carter, to even visionary artists like Alfred Hitchcock.

What can you do now?

When it comes to thinking about what comes next for your career, the secret is looking through your arsenal of skills you acquired throughout your academic years to see which points you are really good at. These may not be obvious at first glance, but you would be very surprised at the variety of skills you may have already acquired without even knowing. But be sure that combining technology, business management, and team leadership, your degree is considered more diverse than almost any other academic field. It is only up to you to develop the skills that you feel make you stronger on a personal and professional level, whatever they may be.

Just know that whether you choose to follow the path of great engineer inventors like Ferdinand Porsche or brilliant comedians like Rowan Atkinson (who is also an engineer by the way), you most definitely have the necessary set of skills, charisma, and passion to find ways to make it work, thanks to your degree.

Seriously, Mr. Bean is an engineer

Seriously, Mr. Bean is an engineer

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