4 Life Skills That Are Slowly Disappearing Thanks To Technology

No one can stop progress, and it seems like technology can not only take over certain tasks and even jobs from us, but it has also robbed of some skills and life experiences that young people of this generation may never feel again.

We are not talking about the now famous image of smartphones turning people into modern zombies without any social connections, because that's debatable. There is no denying however, that technology is in fact responsible for the disappearance of some life skills. Lance Ulanoff of Mashable has a brilliant article listing some of the most notable of these items. It's actually mind-blowing.

1. Cursive Writing

Cursive writing is slowly disappearing thanks to technology

Cursive writing is slowly disappearing thanks to technology (credit: Chapendra)

Ulanoff asks a rather unnerving question: When was the last time anyone wrote a letter (either in print or cursive)?

Cursive writing is sadly fading away thanks to new technology. It's true that it may still be taught in schools, but it's gradually falling out of practice. It has nothing to do with the generation gap, as both millennials as well as the older generations are now almost completely depending on typing on all forms of devices from keyboards to smartphone screens.

But the fact still remains that the need for handwriting is slowly declining, and with it "Cursive Writing" is slowly becoming obsolete.

2. Sending and Receiving Letters

Sending and receiving a letter is just not happening anymore

Sending and receiving a letter is just not happening anymore (credit: frankleleon)

We're not talking about the kind of handwriting anymore, it's evident that even the experience of sending and receiving letters is also disappearing. While it used to have some sort of procedure or even a kind of etiquette, not a lot of people now even know where to write the destination or the receiver's name on an envelope.

It's hard to believe that only a few years ago this was the season for sending and receiving letters, Christmas cards, and greetings.

But now everyone is resorting to digital methods to express themselves, whether it's a greeting for a holiday, a birthday, party or wedding invitation, the use of electronic services like emails, apps, or social media has overtaken the physical experience of writing from us.

3. Map Reading

Who even knows how to read a map anymore

Who even knows how to read a map anymore? (credit: Calsldyrose)

Remember the uproar and panic everyone went through when Apple introduced its terrible Maps App?

Everyone was just too used to the precision, accuracy, and reliability of Google Maps, that no one remembered the old fashioned paper maps and the strain and now overwhelming process of reading a physical paper map.

Terms like longitude, latitude, and scale (which were at some point common knowledge) are losing popularity among the general public. All you need now is typing in the address of your destination, and surrender yourself to the turn-by-turn guidance of your digital map.

4. Library Skills

The need for a library is no longer popular thanks to Google and Wikipedia

The need for a library is no longer popular thanks to Google and Wikipedia (credit: Oscar F. Hevia)

If you were to ask any student right now where do they get their the majority of their information for finishing their work the immediate response would almost surely be "Google".

It's hard to believe that not so long ago the get-to hub for anyone looking for a piece of information was the library. The process of spending hours looking for the correct book, or flapping through pages and sometimes multiple volumes of books to ultimately find a specific piece of data for a report or even answer a single question is almost completely nonexistent by now.

Not only that, but the notation of book reading in itself is changing, as anyone can practically have an entire library of books on a single pocket-sized device right now. And for research? Google and Wikipedia are there to offer any form of information in a matter of minutes.

Source: 7 life skills that tech will make obsolete in 2016 By Lance Ulanoff on Mashable

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