4 Differences Between 'Being Busy' and 'Being Productive'

A lot of people spend the majority of their time being busy, but very few can be labeled as successful. In today’s business world, being a hard worker simply isn’t enough anymore, you need to direct your efforts to the right channels in order to truly bring relevant results that can be felt around your work organization.

So what really differentiates between a ‘busy’ person and a ‘productive’ person?

  1. A busy person follows orders and targets set by those around him. A productive person, on the other hand, looks at the bigger picture, analyzes the required goals, and takes initiative in setting the targets required accordingly. Being productive requires working according to a plan of targets and tasks that YOU set and that YOU believe in. Instead of working on predefined steps that were dictated to you by someone else.
  2. Busy people don’t have time, while productive people find ways to “manage” their time effectively.
  3. Busy people get distracted by random things that are often secondary. Productive people know how to prioritize what’s ahead of them and focus on what’s important, utilizing their energy and resources efficiently without exhausting themselves into unnecessary work.
  4. Busy people think too much of how tedious the job is. Productive people only think of results, whether the job requires too much time or resources is irrelevant as long as the outcomes as favorable.
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